Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi
Inferno Ragazzi

Inferno Ragazzi

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Our German friends at Inferno Ragazzi designed these pink boxer shorts and we love it. Because they are so pink, and I happen to know that there are a lot of misconceptions about the color pink, I’ve googled: “misconceptions about pink”. The fifth related question google suggested, was the following: “Can holding a fart kill you?". No way in hell I was about to ignore that question, and I started my quest for answers. After a short search, some guy on Quora named Garrick Saito had an answer. He said:

Yes, of course it will.

“Anything that wants to come out of your body will kill you if you hold it in for too long.

The reality is, however, that inevitably, your body will no longer able to tolerate the pain and you will let it out (even if it is against your will), long before even getting close to death.

When you do eventually let it out, although you will be safe, it may wind up killing others (around you), depending on the concentration of your deadly gases.

That is probably of greater concern.”

Thanks Garrick.

And of course big thanks to Inferno Ragazzi for designing these pink beauties.

  • Wash to a temperature of 40 °C in a normal washing cycle
  • No hot ironing, i.e. up to 110 °C and preferably without steam
  • The garment may not be treated with bleach, that is, it should only be washed with detergents for the colored and fine wax
  • Not in the tumble dryer

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The rest of Europe

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